Taxi Insurance London

Insure Your Taxi is a site that provides you with all the necessary information to set up a great insurance policy, allowing you to create your own bespoke agreement from scratch.

We are an attractive option for cheap taxi insurance, especially for drivers in London and the surrounding areas. We know exactly what measures to take to keep costs as well as fuss to a minimum.

London is the epicentre for the taxi trade, thriving off of its constant flow of tourists. Due to London being such an enticing city taxi drivers inevitably succeed in business with there never being enough drivers to cater to the travel needs of tourists and Londoners themselves.

Traditionally London taxi insurance is the most expensive in the country with vehicles in constant use. This factor translates to insurers as a risk, providing high premiums thinking claims to be inescapable.

Thankfully Insure Your Taxi is here to change the game, recognising the need for cheaper taxi insurance in London.

One of the biggest attributes that results in high premiums is the ever-increasing rate of car related crime within London. With London being the largest city in the country statistics of this nature are higher due to the higher number of inhabitants.

London sees around an average of 500 incidents of car crime a year, figures that scare many insurance companies off from offering competitive rates to taxi drivers.

Rather than simply writing the possibility of crime into your policy we work with our customers to arrive at cheap taxi insurance that works to protect you and your vehicle.

Our additional policy extras play a huge part in getting those rates down, giving way to not only a heightened safety of your taxi but lower premiums to insure it.

By fitting immobilisers, parking your vehicle in a garage overnight and generally taking safety precautions  we as insurers will recognise your efforts, putting you in contact with cheap taxi insurance in London.

If you are looking for cheap taxi insurance in London then be sure to contact Insure Your Taxi, the cheapest insures you will find.